Grand Rapids VegFest Exhibitors & Food Vendors Agreement

Please read carefully. These rules are part of the exhibitor/vendor agreement. The Contract for participation shall not become a binding contract between the Exhibitor and the Grand Rapids Veg Fest (hereafter referred to as GRVF) until this contract has been electronically signed by Exhibitor and full payment received.
1.      All Food and Products Must Be Vegan: All foods and/or nutritional supplements served and/or sold must be 100% vegan, which means food may not contain any ingredient, or be derived from an animal by product including animal flesh, beef, pork, poultry, fish or insects. This includes but is not limited to: animal/beef/pork/poultry/fish/insect meat, broth, shells, gelatin, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, casein, whey, rennet, lard, or tallow. Food without artificial additives is most desirable. We STRONGLY encourage exhibitors to distribute only vegan food and products. We will be more than happy to help you choose vegan food(s) and/or nutritional supplement(s) offerings that will be popular and help you with any questions that you may have regarding this matter.

2.      Exhibitor Building Access during Move In/Out & Event: You may use approved loading areas to load-in and out of the event. During event hours access to loading areas and backstage areas are for building personnel only or with management approval. If you need to leave the building, or enter the building during event hours please do so via the event entrance.

3.      Exhibitors are responsible for the setup and teardown of their own exhibit.

4.      Subletting Not Permitted: Subletting of exhibitor space partially or in its entirety is not permitted.

5.      Setup Instructions: Exhibitors must allow adequate time to set up their booths. All exhibitors must be set up and ready for visitors by 10:30 am. When you arrive at the DeltaPlex, a festival volunteer will have you sign in and direct you to your booth and answer any questions that you may have. Exhibitors are required to stay the entire duration of the festival (10:30 am – 5 pm.) with a functioning exhibit.

6.      Carts: There are a limited number of flatbed carts available on a first come, first served basis. Carts are checked out at the loading dock. Please return the cart when finished. You are encouraged to bring your own cart to expedite the load in process.

7.       Parking: The DeltaPlex offers convenient on-site parking.  It is free for attendants. Once unloaded, exhibitors are asked to park in the parking lot and out of loading areas.

8.      Passes & Identification: You will need to communicate with the GRVF Exhibitor Coordinator regarding passes for yourself and any staff. Without this pass, you or any of your staff will be required to purchase a ticket to enter the event. Some events require age restrictions to those working behind a booth or on the show floor or loading areas. Please check with the GRVF Exhibitor Coordinator.

9.      Tape: The use of duct tape is strictly prohibited on any surface of the DeltaPlex. We suggest using masking tape, gaff tape, or painters tape. Please check with the GRVF Exhibitor Coordinator for other approved material.

10.      Exhibitor Utilities: Utilities must be ordered from DeltaPlex, Megan Grimes, 7 days prior to the event (electrical, freight, telephone services, etc) for additional fees. Please inform the GRVF Exhibitor Coordinator for further assistance. Please fill out forms completely to ensure you receive the best service. Services ordered during move-in or at the event are at premium rates.

11.   Electricity: Electricity will not be available to exhibitors unless it is essential to the operation of your exhibit. Contact DeltaPlex, Megan Grimes, 7 days prior to the event regarding electrical needs. It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide enough outdoor extension cord(s) to reach generators. Extension cords will NOT be provided by GRVF.

12.   Exhibitor Fire Safety and Decoration: All fire, safety, and DeltaPlex guidelines must be strictly followed. No propane, acetylene or other flammable or explosive materials are allowed.

13.   Vehicles: No motorized vehicles are allowed to be left inside of the facility without Management’s approval. Approved gasoline-powered vehicles may be displayed with a maximum of a ¼ tank of gas, vehicle gas cap must be taped or locked, and the battery cables disconnected.

14.   Exhibitor Signs, Decorations or Banners:  Decorations may not be attached to any surface in the building. No holes may be drilled, cored, or punched into the building or ground. You will be billed for any damages caused to the building. Decorations may not include lighter than air (helium) balloons, crepe paper, cellophane, confetti, glitter, streamers, etc. You will be billed for any additional event clean up these items may cause.

15.   Exhibitor Food, Beverage, and Samples: Exhibitors may not sell or provide food or beverage items that may be consumed on the premises without GRVF permission and/or approval. Exhibitors with Food or Beverage items for consumption on the premises should contact GRVF Exhibitor Coordinator to arrange to be a food vendor. Those who manufacture, process or distribute food as their normal course of business and wish to provide food samples may do so with and only with GRVF approval. All cooking plans must be submitted in advance for approval by the Fire Department. Plans must adhere to General Fire Safety/Cooking Guidelines.

16.   Licenses: Any required food permits or licenses are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

17.   Tobacco: The DeltaPlex Arena & Convention Center is a smoke and tobacco-free building. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the facility. Smoking is allowed in designated areas outside of the facility only.

18.   Freight: Freight handling MUST be coordinated and paid for at least 7 days in advance (no exceptions). No items will be accepted on a collect basis. Deliveries are to be made during designated times only. Packages and items must be labeled with the Event Name, Company, and Booth Number. Please notify Management of the expected delivery date and time via your freight handling form. Arrangements for freight move-out are the responsibility of the exhibitor and must also be arranged with the DeltaPlex in advance. Packages or pallets must be out of the building by the end of the designated move-out hours unless otherwise arranged with DeltaPlex Management. Items left are considered not wanted and become the property of the DeltaPlex. See freight handling order form for more details.

19.   Festival Cancellation: If any contingency interrupts or prevents the holding of the Grand Rapids Veg Fest, including but not limited to inclement weather or other acts of nature, GRVF shall in no way be liable to exhibitors. Exhibitor registration fees cannot be refunded if the festival is interrupted or canceled since the fees are disbursed before the festival for operating licenses, permits, park rental fees and liability insurance required by the City of Grand Rapids and for equipment rentals, festival supplies, and festival promotion.

20.   Vendors will be charged a $35 fee for returned checks

21.   Recyclable/Recycled/Reusable/Biodegradable Products: In an attempt to maintain the beauty of and to protect our environment, we strongly encourage the use of recycled, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable serving or packaging products. We will be happy to offer suggestions in regards to such products.

22.   Live Animals: The presence of animals will not be allowed unless it is arranged with GRVF.

23.   Space Occupation and Care: Exhibitors and space contents are required to occupy their booth during all event hours and may not pack up early without permission of the GRVF. Exhibitors must keep the areas around their booths clean. Exhibitor spaces must be surrendered in the same condition in which they were received. DeltaPlex Management will provide garbage cans and recycling bins. In case of damage, exhibitors will pay such claims as are necessary to restore such spaces to their original conditions.


I acknowledge the agreement.

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