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for our Plant Based Kitchen cookbook!


We are looking for your recipes in all categories:

from breakfasts to mouthwatering desserts

and everything in between!

Submit YOUR original plant based recipe(s) to be included in our Plant Based Kitchen cookbook

to be released later this spring!

We will include your name with the recipe and in the Submitter’s Index. Please submit your recipes to

If you have a favorite plant based recipe that you found on a website or in a cookbook, please include the source so that we may give them credit.

Got a picture of your plant based creationBe sure to send the picture as well! We will do our best to include as many pictures as possible! Please submit your picture(s) to

Tell us a story. Perhaps YOU veganized your grandma’s Sunday dinner dish or your favorite plant based pot pie from when you were a little kid, we would enjoy hearing the story of how you looked forward going to grandma’s for Sunday dinner. Please submit YOUR story to

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Send YOUR recipes to!