Grand Rapids Veg Fest
Exhibitor/Vendor FAQ

Q: Do I need a Temporary Food Establishment License issued by Kent County Health Department?
A: If you are giving out food samples you may need a TFE license if you are preparing the samples at the event. If you are already associated with a licensed food establishment and make the samples at the restaurant and hand them out at the event then a temporary license is not necessary.

If you already have STFU(Special Transitory Food Unit), then you need to send “Notice of Intent to Operate” to Kent County Health Department. This needs to be received 4 days prior to the event.

If you have any questions regarding the Temporary Food License please contact the Kent County Health Department directly as they will be able to answer all of your questions.

Q: Can I hang my own banner at my booth?
A: Yes, you will be provided a 10 by 10 booth with back drape with the pipe. You can use s-hooks to hang your banner but zip ties or anything that might damage the drape is prohibited.

Q: Will there be a sign for my business name at the booth?
A: Our program brochure will have a booth map with the organization/business name so people can easily find your location. We will not be able to provide a sign to hang for each booth but we will place a piece of paper with your name on it.

Q: Can I have my children work at my booth?
A: Yes!! As long as they are under your supervision, you are welcome to have any extra little hands.

Q: What time should I come?
A: Exhibitor booth setup is 8 am to 10:00 am and it needs to be completed by 10:30 am. Ticket sales will begin at 10:00 am and the expo will begin 10:30 am. Sorry, but we cannot accommodate any arrivals prior to 8 am.

Q: Where is the loading area?
A: The loading area is on the North side of the building. There will be signs directing you to the loading area. You are encouraged to bring your own cart because carts are limited and there may not be one available when you arrive.

Q: How can I communicate with GR Veg Fest staff if I have a problem?
A: Our volunteers will be readily available to assist our attendees and our exhibitors. If they cannot answer your question then they will be able to reach a staff member that will assist you. Or you can call Kim at 616-881-6988 anytime.

Q: I’m not familiar with vegan ingredients. Can you help?
A: If you have any doubt please ask us!! We will let you know if it is a vegan or not.

Q: Can I use electricity for my laptop?
A: If you need electricity for anything, you need to arrange it directly with the DeltaPlex at least one week before the event.

Q: How many exhibitor passes do I get?
A: Each booth will receive THREE passes to the event. If you need additional passes they can be pre- purchased at $5 before the event or at regular admission fee at the door.

Q: Can I leave my booth unattended?
A: Please have at least one person in your booth at all times. VegFest does not provide staffing for booths. Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their own property and equipment at all times. Grand Rapids Veg Fest is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to any property left on the event grounds at any time.

Q: Can I park my vehicle inside of the exhibit hall?
A: If you would like to park your vehicle for display purpose, it should be inoperable. The fuel level needs to be very low and the battery needs to be detached. Please inform us one week in advance if you would like to bring your vehicle inside of the exhibit hall.

Q: Does the Delta Plex have wifi?
A: Yes, for exhibitors use only. The password will be available at check-in.