3rd Annual Grand Rapids Veg Fest is on Sunday, September 17th 10:30 am - 5 pm at The Deltaplex. Vendor application starts April 2.

Grand Rapids Veg Fest is back for its 3rd year!!! We are grateful for your support and participation. Many participants enjoyed having great vegan foods and learning about vegan/vegan-friendly businesses and organizations last year. We continue to promote the idea of healthier and compassionate living at 2017 GR Veg Fest.

Our mission is to help spread the vegan message throughout West Michigan by introducing plant-based products and organizations so that we can empower individuals to make healthier food choices and also support our local and national vegan-friendly businesses and organizations.

The first and second Grand Rapids Veg Fest had over 1,500 and 1,800 attendees respectively. We had received extensive local press coverage and made a positive impact on all of our sponsors and businesses!

This year event is held in Deltaplex on Sunday, September 17th from 10:30 am to 5 pm. Exhibitor space will be filled up quickly, so do not wait until last minute. Secure your booth today!.

Vendor Pricing for 2017 is as follows:

Food Truck: $125

Food Business: $140

Non-Food Business Standard: $200

Non-Food Business Corner: $250

Non-profit organization: $125

Non-profit organization Corner: $175

One simple rule of GR Veg Fest is all products and foods served on site MUST be vegan: which means no animal ingredients including meat, meat broth, fish, shells, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, casein, whey, lard, gelatin, or honey. Please click here for food vendor guideline here.

If you would like to be our food vendor or exhibitor, please fill out this preliminary application form.

* Booth prices include three complimentary exhibitor passes, 10 by 10 booth space with back drape, one 8 foot table, linen, table skirts and two chairs.

** Booth sharing is not allowed

*** Extra staff passes can be pre-ordered at $5 per pass before the event date

**** We have all the right to decline an exhibitor’s application. If we decide to reject your application, your fee will be 100% refundable.

Please email our Vendor Coordinator Pat Baxter (vendor.grvegfest@gmail.com) if you have any questions.


Warm Regards,

Grand Rapids Veg Fest Team

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