Best Dish of January 2016 Meatless Monday Vegan Potluck

Submitted by Tara



1.5 cup Urad Dal (black lentils)

1/2 cup Kidney beans

1 large Red onion

1.5 inch Ginger

4 cloves Garlic

1 Chili (at least)

8 medium size Tomatoes (blended)

1 tsp Coriander seeds

1.5 tsp Cumin seeds

1 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp Paprika

1.5 cup Cashew cream (1:2 raw cashews to water)

1/2 tsp Cinnamon

1/2 tsp Cayenne pepper



  1. Cook lentils and kidney beans and then drain well.
  2. Saute coriander and cumin seeds in oil until they pop.
  3. Blend onion, garlic, ginger, peppers and then add to oil.
  4. Cook out all water
  5. Add tomato puree and cook to paste
  6. Add lentils and kidney beans, and add up to 1 cup water depending on desired consistency
  7. Add remaining spices.
  8. Cook at least for 10 minutes
  9. Add Cashew cream before serving.

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